Thursday, August 17, 2006

France capitulates even before they got to Lebanon

La France réticente à engager son armée au Liban
LE MONDE 17.08.06 11h09 • Mis à jour le 17.08.06 11h51 NEW YORK (Nations unies) CORRESPONDANT

(...)de source diplomatique proche du sommet de l'Etat, on confirme que "la France ne souhaite pas jouer un rôle plus important dans la Finul que n'importe quel autre pays membre de l'ONU". "Il y a un malentendu avec New York. Nous n'avons jamais voulu que la Finul soit principalement française, précise-t-on. De plus, le Hezbollah n'a pris aucun engagement sur son désarmement. Nous refusons que la Finul se trouve dans une position inutile ou dangereuse. Pourquoi s'engager dans un bourbier ?"

The UN agreed to throw in 15,000 unidentified troops to do something, anything.
The French thought they had to do what the UN did for 28 years - look the other way.
France seamlessly reassumed its imperial role and offers to lead the UN troops until it is suggested that they are the only force available to disarm hisbollah, at which stage France surrenders.

PARIS, Aug. 20 — The shaky, United Nations-brokered cease-fire in Lebanon suffered another blow on Sunday when France that had been called upon to provide the backbone of a peacekeeping force delayed a decision on committing troops until the mission is more clearly defined ... Loving the irony there....

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