Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The international media’s bias against Israel on display

Kevin & Gregg, co-hosts over at Pundit Review Radio deconstruct several examples of blatant media bias against Israel (too bad Reuters' pics can't talk, hmm).
Here are two examples of stunning media bias in the coverage of the Hezbollah-Israeli war.
These are montages of the questions asked during interviews with Israeli government representatives. The first clip is by BBC and the other from CNN. In both cases, the anchors are regurgitating Hezbollah talking points fast and furious, claiming their “primitive” rockets can inflict very little damage. The interviews are 100% focused on Israel’s crimes against the innocent people of Lebanon. Of course, they offer not one second of attention to civilian casualties on the Israeli side. Apparently, only Lebanese civilians are under attack.
We then play a very compelling clip of a Podcast from recent guest, citizen journalist Dave Bender, an Israeli-based blogger whose site is Israel at Level Ground.
As Dave and the residents of Haifa know, Israeli citizens are under attack. Too bad the BBC and CNN can’t come to term with this. This is a great piece of citizen journalism by Dave Bender, and when put side-by-side with the international media’s work, it is really telling.The full interview is here.
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