Sunday, August 13, 2006

Is British foreign policy fuelling extremism?

Up to now, religious leaders have been blaming British foreign policy, supposedly explaining why part of their community is trying to kill innocent people.
Well, in England, to get policies changed, people vote.
They've also complained that this latest bomb scare will shed a bad light upon their community.
But, have they distanced themselves from those would-be mass-murderers?
Hmm… No.

What are the British people suppose to think and fell after that?

Well: (From the BBC Website)
British Muslim groups have called for "urgent" changes to UK foreign policy in an open letter to Prime Minister Tony Blair.
The letter says Britain's stance puts civilians at increased risk both in the UK and abroad. Muslim MPs, peers and community leaders say the prime minister's policies in the Middle East and Iraq have given "ammunition to extremists".
Downing Street says the Prime Minister would be ready to meet representatives of the groups who signed the letter, when he returns to the UK.

So the BBC asks the following on it's web site:

Do you think UK foreign policy is encouraging extremism? Do you think a change in foreign policy is necessary and would it reduce the threat of terrorism? Send us your comments.

Follow the link to the readers recommended section...

The Muslim community was prompt to demonstrate and condemn the Danish cartoons, and this throughout the globe,
How long before we see demonstrations on the same scale condemning the plots (planned by people issued of their community) aiming at killing thousands of civilians behind a banner "not on the name of my religion?"

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