Saturday, August 12, 2006

Muslims in denial

There was the imminent terror plot by young, British-born Asian men to blow up planes at a massive scale.
There was 7/7.
There are young, British-born Asian men going off to fight on behalf of Hizbollah. There were young, British-born Asian men going off to fight in Iraq.
There were young, British-born Asian men going off to Afghanistan
First question that comes up to my mind is:
Don’t quote me, but I heard that some of the people involved are muslim.
I’m not sure if this has any relevance though…

Asjad Ibn Abdussamed, the head imam of the Abu Bakr mosque, recalled that after the July 7 terrorist attacks the faithful had slept there to protect it from reprisals.
“This morning I was upset,” he said yesterday, playing with his young son in his office. “I knew that Islam would be portrayed in a bad light again. As soon as I heard that Heathrow was closed, I thought — I bet they will say that Muslims were behind it. The key word is ‘alleged’. Nothing is proven. We must accept that

Muhammed Abdul Bari, the secretary-general of the council, said that the links had to be found between the suicide bombers on July 7 and other attacks to avoid a general assault on the Muslim community.
“We need to find out what was the connection between 7/7 and subsequent attacks. It is imperative to find that link to stop continuing Islamophobic attacks,” he said.

Isn’t it more imperative to “find” that link to stop terrorist attacks?

When will Western Muslims start publicly decrying the atrocities the members of their peaceful religion commit and attempt to commit?

Islamic Extremists are the threat and no longer such a minority. The minority appears to be those Muslims who condemn the extremists,
And those who just want a safer world are those who are willing to call the threat what it is.

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