Wednesday, August 02, 2006

vive la France!

I had to share this one with you!
If I was to tell you that another French public figure is calling for 'action' against Israel, you would probably shrug and mumble "right, just another of those anti-globalization morons, or one of those preposterous National Front fossils, or one of those losers belonging to one of the 1656 Communist flavor you have over there...
"Every other day, you would be right ,But this time, Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Jacques Myard, member of the French Parliament, elected by the people (from the Paris suburb of les Yvelines) to his very own seat at the Assemblée Nationale, publishing on his website a communiqué where he calls for France to undertake military action against Israel.
Under " Guerre au Liban – Israël a-t-il perdu la raison ? " ('War in Lebanon – Has Israel lost her mind ?'), the link "Lire la suite" opens a popup with the following full text communiqué War in Lebanon – Has Israel lost her mind? July 18th, 2006

"Multiple direct testimonials from Lebanon are coming from French people residing in South Lebanon, and particularly Tyr, according to which the Israeli army is shooting at first sight on everything that moves, and notably on civilians.These French saw a helicopter kill a whole family, including the children, by shooting at their minivan on sight and from a few meters afar, as they were fleeing the conflict zone. The church at Rachaya is said to have been destroyed while it was packed with refugees.According to the same testimonials, the Israeli army would be using fragmentation bombs, and "vacuum packed" bombs that result in destruction by implosion.
The bodies then look like totally dislocated puppets, like rag dolls."That we shall let Israel act in such way is inadmissible. The French government must take every measure, including militarily, in accordance with international laws that allow it, to protect her nationals and put an end on these outrageous attacks against civilians.
On the same occasion, only an international intervention force that would disarm all militias according to resolution 1559 of the Security Council could stabilize the region.France must act. She can't simply make do with convincing her allies whose faint-heartedness with respect to this conflict is well known.Translation and emphasis mine. Just a few quick remarks:

1. Mr. Myard is not some loony craving for attention from any of the far fringe of the French political spectrum, in the nascent run-up to the next presidential elections. He is a French member of the Parliament ("Député" at the "Assemblée Nationale") on the UMP list – France's and Chirac's (and his younger clone-in-chief Sarkozy) allegedly right-wing party. Myard is as mainstream as it gets, and as a MP, he additionally writes, proposes and votes French laws.

2. He claims to have "multiple direct testimonials" from (unnamed) French (of undetermined whereabouts) in South Lebanon, who witnessed the IDF in shooting frenzy, slaughtering "everything that moves" with all kinds of weaponry, including rag dolls producing vacuum packed explosive While that's probably enough 'details' for his captive French audience, and the Anti-Semite Moonbat Patrol at large, it's a bit short for the rest of the world and yours truly, who are sane enough to still live on the Reality Plan. So if Mr. Myard has "multiple direct testimonials", then he should provide the world with the names and whereabouts of his witnesses, alongside their detailed deposition. These witnesses shall then be debriefed and questioned - and their claims shall be verified on the ground. After all, if South Lebanon is seeing a rapid increase of its population of live size vacuum imploded rag dolls, it should be fairly easy to establish.Anything less than that, and Jack-O "This Means War!" Myard shall shut his clapper.

3. Probably the most puzzling bit of Jacques Myard-monger's call to arms is his reference to France's 'allies' (and their faint-heartedness with respect to the bloodthirsty Israelis). In a superb manly outburst of martial unilateralism that's sure to make Bush the Warlord wince with great envy, Myard rests his case for French war on Israel with the acknowledgement that "France must act (arguably alone since...) She can't simply make do with convincing her allies whose faint-heartedness with respect to this conflict is well known."Well, that's where Myard loses me, who would these faint-hearted allies be?
If by that he means 'les Anglo-Saxons', then somebody ought to take this man's head out of this man's back-side so he can realize that Brits and Yanks have lost their fondness for La Fwance some time ago, and don't really fill like playing with the same tee-shirts anymore.
I would go back – at least – as far as WWII, where I would argue that to the Allied, France was at first a dead weight and an embarrassment all the way thereafter. But even without digging out the old family history, one only has to look back a few years to understand that France is nobody's ally on the other sides of her West coast. After all, the French put more than enough efforts to that effect - proof that the French people is still capable of some achievement, notably in the treason sector, despite all the local loom and gloom and cries of decline.

4. Finally, even though it irresistibly brings to mind the famous taunt "you and what army?", I almost wish France would follow Myard's advice and go to war with Israel. Since Israel is taking care of the Syrian and Iranian problems-by-proxies, then maybe they could go just the extra mile and help the world get rid of France's last delusions of grandeur.And next, because if France was to go after the Jews yet again, that would finally give me a legitimate political and moral ground to launch armed resistance, and start blowing up bridges, railways, help Jewish refugees and downed Allied aircrews out of the country, all that good stuff.So go on Myard. Go to war and make my day!

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