Monday, November 06, 2006

It's official....

....despite all the shenanigans, delays and ranting statements, Sadaam will hang. Reaction was swift from the Iraqi blogosphere.

I was watching it alone in my flat, honestly, tears flew from my eyes as the judge announced the ‘death by hanging’ sentence, I don’t know why! Yes, he destroyed my country, killed the people, ruined everything, squandered our fortune, and dispossessed the people in addition to the uncountable crimes. But I feel sorry for him today!I wonder what’s going on in Iraq right now, and what will happen after the curfew is over?

I saw the reactions on TV most of the Iraqis were celebrating while the Arabs, especially in Jordan and the Palestinian territory, were grieving! Many whiners from different Arab countries who hate to see Saddam hang but they like to see the Iraqi blood spilled in the name of "resistance".

Iraqi Bloggers Central
I have never been for the death penalty, but in the case of a mass murderer at the head of a nation, there is no punishment that could be more appropriate.Finally true justice.

The Day of Justice.Now, Saddam is officially going down the toilet!

Let us hope and pray that his hanging will be swift and will put an end to the turmoil in Iraq.


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