Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Uncovered meat

Misogynistic jihad-promoting Australian Sheikh Taj al-Din al-Hialy has withdrawn all of his pseudo-apologies, and now says he won’t resign.
EMBATTLED Muslim cleric Sheik Taj al-Din al-Hialy has vowed he will not resign, complaining he is a victim of media propaganda and exaggeration.
The cleric has been under pressure to step down since he sparked outrage with his comments, in a Ramadan sermon in Sydney in September, likening immodestly dressed women to uncovered meat, and suggesting they invited sexual assault.
Asked on the Nine Network’s Sixty Minutes program tonight whether he had thought about resigning since news of his comments broke, Sheik Hilaly said: “Confronted with this campaign against me, no”.
“I accept the challenge and I’m not going to give in against any power,” he said through an interpreter.
Sheik Hilaly complained that his comments about women had been taken out of context.
“I am outspoken, and I have the courage to say the truth,” he told interviewer Ray Martin

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