Thursday, November 16, 2006

Unholy Alliance Revisited

The big news last weekend was the "surprise" appearance of Dieudonné M'Bala M'Bala at the political convention of the Front National, the party of Jean-Maire Le Pen. First of all, he arrived with Farid Smahi (in gray suit), an Arab member of the party. Smahi, an Algerian, has been collaborating closely with Le Pen since 1997 and for a while was a regional councillor. He claims to be against dual nationality and says one cannot be loyal both to France and another country. However he has been accused by the Socialists of working closely with Islamic leaders, thereby creating one prong of a three-pronged collaboration - a sort of troïka - consisting of religious fundamentalists, the extreme Right (Le Pen) and the extreme Left (Dieudonné et al...)This appearance by the French comedian re-ignites memories of last May, when the first rumblings of collusion between Le Pen and "Dieudo" were made public. At the convention on Saturday November 11 Dieudonné tried to give the impression that he had "reformed" saying that he had been manipulated by anti-racist groups and that he had been warmly welcomed by the FN.Later he said that Le Pen would most likely make it to the second round of the voting . "I am for a coming-together, to stop with all these ethnic tensions, so that we can have peace."For his part Jean-Marie Le Pen said, "If I needed one vote to be elected, I would be happy for it to be Dieudonné's."In the videos that are circulating Dieudonné is soft-spoken and plays up the "need for unity" theme. The French websites are all interpreting this event in their own way, and according to their own perspective. Occidentalis is not surprised at Le Pen's "coming out", since they have always maintained that Le Pen is in the habit of creating unholy alliances just before elections. They have also maintained that Le Pen does not really want to win, but merely tries to manipulate voters to vote for the establishment candidate. Vox Galliae, a pro-Le Pen site, claims the 3-day convention was an unqualified success, attended by 22,000 people. The "Lepenistes", in general, see no harm in the comedian's presence and the Left is sorry Dieudonné has been duped.Philippe de Villiers, however, did not mince words. He lashed out at the event, calling it a set-up and expressing his relief that he never united with Le Pen, as many thought he would.I tend to feel the idea of a troïka is accurate. Assuming Le Pen becomes president, is he going to start deporting Algerians, blacks, Muslim fundamentalists who helped put him in power? I doubt it.If he loses, he (or his daughter Marine) will continue to cultivate the complicity with Muslims and blacks, in opposition to President Sarkozy, who will no doubt bend to the will of the non-French elements out of sheer pressure from what has become a more than critical mass of invaders living comfortably on French soil.There are several videos of Le Pen delivering his keynote address at the convention. Click here for the last part, that includes a rousing Marseillaise.Galliawatch has published 3 major articles on Dieudonné: the first a rundown of his place in French politics, the second his diatribe against Julien Dray, a French Jewish politician (socialist) who blamed the riots of last year on Dieudo's influence, and the third entitled "Unholy Alliance" about the reported collusion. Click the link below for the photo.

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