Sunday, December 03, 2006

Arab Muslim Apartheid VS Pluralistic Democratic Israel

While Arabists turn security issues into slogans or slurs against Israel's struggling population against Arab terrorism and violence but they never mention or simply distort the reality.
Not only do Israeli Arabs enjoy the real and only democracy in the middle east,
Arab women can be elected to the highest office in the "Jewish state",
but Israeli courts often prefer Arabs' rights over Jews',
especially in land issues, not to mention Israeli Arabs major advantage over Israeli Jews,
not being obligated to serve in Israeli army, but still having all benefits Israeli Jews have.
However no Jew can live in "Palestine" control, not only is it the worst form of "apartheid" but it's rather ethnic cleansing and pure un-excused racism.
Despite Palestinian claims of “apartheid”, the security fence has nothing to do with racial separation.
It has everything to do with preventing acts of terrorism,
The fence is not an attempt to restrict the movement of the Palestinians;
its sole objective is to restrict the movement of terrorists from entering Israel. It must also be pointed out that there exists both Arab and Jew on either side of the planned West Bank fence. Israel has integrated into its population its Arab citizens, which form 20% of the country’s total population.
The Palestinians, however, have signaled their unwillingness to live alongside the Jewish residents of the West Bank and Gaza, and continue to demand that the territories be judenrein — free of Jews. Palestinian Apartheid State?
Apartheid, Mideast style, Palestine "Judenrein" - free of Jews?
UN-sponsored bigotry Speaking of apartheid, the Palestinian Authority adopted an official ... the apartheid PA demands that all territories delivered to it be Judenrein.
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