Tuesday, December 05, 2006

France tries yet again to gate-crash Iraq

Speaking on France 2 today, French Foreign Secretary Philippe Douste-Blazy* insisted on a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq.

His remarks were followed-up by Dominique de Villepin, who claimed today that the war was a failure and put France and Europe under serious threat.
These pronouncements by France's deep-think pronouncement-makers are as empty as ever. We don't see any hurry-up from Messrs. Douste-Blazy or Villepin on returning sovereignty whole and entire to Côte d'Ivoire.

And why no demands for a timetable for troop withdrawl from Afghanistan?
France, having been occupied, knows what an occupier is. An occupier does not work with a legitimately elected government to secure that government's rule.

The loose use of the term for coalition forces in Iraq by the French is both disingenuous -- or in the case of M. Douste-Blazy, utterly ignorant -- and reprobate.
Instead of demanding the coalition forces withdraw,

Well, because that just might ease things for the coalition and America -- and Iraq.

What France is committed to is not some principle of sovereignty, nor the particular case of Iraq's sovereignty, nor the greater fluff of world peace.

What France is committed to is something, anything, that can be construed as an American failure.
If France wants to impress Iraq -- and the world -- with her leadership, we suggest she aspire to and demonstrate the qualities of leadership -- not just issue a press release or let M. Douste-Blazy off harness to wander about the television studio:
Of course, if world leadership were nothing more than big talk, oh-ho, Jack would be king.

But world leadership mostly requires, well, leadership.

Perhaps France can apply for some other less demanding, more suitable, world position.

How about country-in-charge-of-sitting-by-the-door.
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