Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hamas: Reuters is Faking the News

The Reuters wire service is being accused of twisting and distorting the news (again),

but this time the accusers are Hamas—who are going for the reverse double backflip terrorist PR move:

Hamas denied Wednesday that its Damascus-based political leader Khaled Meshal told Reuters in an interview that his group would consider recognizing Israel once a Palestinian state is established.
One hour after the Reuters interview was published, the Hamas government spokesman Ghazi Hamad told Haaretz that Meshal said,

“Israel exists - and that’s a fact.”
However, Hamad maintained that Meshal did not say anything about recognizing Israel. “There was no change in our stance that Hamas does not recognize Israel,” he said.
Salah Bardawil, head of Hamas’s parliamentary faction, told Haaretz that after checking with Meshal, it seems to be that his words were twisted and distorted.
“He didn’t speak about any recognition of Israel, only a cease-fire with Israel,” Bardawil said.


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