Tuesday, January 30, 2007

No Glory Days

PARIS January 29, 2007 (Times Online)

- Rachid Bouchareb, 53, surprised critics who had expected him to enter Days of Glory [French title: Indigènes], a film about the African soldiers who fought for France in the Second World War, as a Gallic production. ...

But Mr Bouchareb has stirred controversy by entering the film for the Oscars under an Algerian flag, where it is competing for the title of best foreign language film...

Under the rules of the ceremony, the nationality of the director determines that of the film.

Mr Bouchareb has French and Algerian passports and could have chosen either.
But M. Bouchareb chose Algeria.
France is piqued because aside from the horror, the horror and the shock!, of M. Bouchareb not choosing France, the French view is French money determines what is a French film , and a good deal else.
Le Figaro newspaper pointed out that more than 90 per cent of Indigenes’ €14 million budget came from France and asked with a mixture of indignation and irony whether Mr Bouchareb considered that Algeria was still a French colony.

The surprise is all the greater because Days of Glory is down for the French cinema awards, Les Césars, as a Gallic film.

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