Sunday, January 20, 2008

My little green fairy (with pink hair)

Absinthe is often said to have a "special effect".
This Absinthe effect is often attributed to the high level of thujone that is found in the original production of the drink.
These effects are often contested however and no scientific study has ever been done to fully confirm the validity of what is commonly accepted by absinthe connoisseurs.

Traditionally, absinthe contained thujone within a range of 80-120mg.
Most modern commercial absinthe however is limited to 35mg of thujone due to EU laws.
It is only specific countries such as the Czech Republic which are able to produce the higher concentrated absinthe products, or knowing someone who knows where to get the proper stuff.
The secondary effects of absinthe have been reported variously as a clearness of thought, increased creativity and speech and minor hallucinogenic effects.
These effects may be due to the effect thujone has on the Gaba-A receptors of the brain.
By blocking these receptors, an absinthe drinker's brain is free to fire faster and more frequently...

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