Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Multiculturalism is dead


The coexistence of various cultures (ethnic, religious, etc...) within the same country,
It comes with some proactive policies:

1-Anti-discrimination, to ensure equal social status to members of various cultures;
2-Identity (identitaire), so as to promote the expression of particularities of the various cultures;
3-Communitarians, allowing the existence of statutes (legal, administrative ...) specific to members of a particular cultural community.

Of course when Sarkozy mentions "the failure of multicultural", he seeks to create a choice of two reactions from the left:

1) The dribbling of otherworldliness by getting them to say no, Islam in the West is no problem;
2) The result means that when the right wing speak of the failure of multiculturalism, they announced the return of Petin.

And in both cases, the left would turn their backs on public opinion because 68% of French people believe that Muslims are not well integrated in France.

But those 68% are all on the same wavelength:
One can see this lack of integration, and attribute it to a hypothetical Muslim "culture",
Another considers that France has not made this integration possible.

Well, never in history have we seen a Society grow without having a common set of values, beliefs, customs, and principles of good and evil.

The implementation of the above 3rd proactive policy has destroyed the ties that should have bonded different individuals within the same nation/country.
In France, even at the 4th generation, multiculturalism helping, a French of Arab origin remains almost always an Arab.
This even is the pride of left self-righteous, and the curse of France.

Multiculturalism is incompatible with the French Republic and its notion of citizenship, a choice would have to be made.
This will be multiculturalism or the French Republic, one excluding the other, by its very principles.
Multiculturalism is the fallback on race, ethnicity, or/and religion, it is the refusal of assimilation (not superposition); multiculturalism is to reduce one’s identity to one of its affiliations, and is, in France, an incredible “civilisational” step-back.
The French Republic is multiethnic, not multicultural.

Multiculturalism is now dead and buried along with the socialist left (who has lost the sausage and plonk proletarian vote because of it).
One can even say that it was never really established.

We may finally wonder why Sarkozy's speech on the failure of multiculturalism has not been reported in the French media, but it is no coincidence, as today, journalism still wants to re-educate the stubborn French people.

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