Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Seminar on the far-Right and Pro-Islamist Left: Douglas Murray & Maryam Namazie Q&A

but then...pragmatism is not a French thing...


  1. Anonymous1:36 am

    I see there to be much justification in the word of Douglas Murray, however, I find there to be much underestimation of the Left and its 'block' thinking. Many 'Left' thinkers as witnessed in this same forum can come to the understanding of the the differences between those who feel uneasy/ threatened by certain practises of policy and those who are extremist. Contary to popular belief, many also possess the ability to make that distiction of extremism within the Left.

    Are you aware of those people who pass policies on multiculturalism and immigration?

    Parliment is the reflection of these same 'white middle-aged men' that are now incensed who originally passed these statutes. Policies of both the Left and the right!

    Rahila Gupta makes some excellent points.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    you're missing the point here, it isn't about who passes or passed these policies, but who forbids any critic.

    an example for you:
    Prominent critics of multiculturalism include Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Uganda-born author of After Multiculturalism, and one-time black activist Trevor Phillips the chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality. In 2006, Phillips was criticised by London mayor Ken Livingstone, who accused him of fuelling hostility towards ethnic minorities, by attacking the principle of multiculturalism. Livingstone accused Phillips of being so right-wing that he would 'soon be joining the British National Party'.